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Paints - Citadel Acrylic Pots
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Citadel Paints - 12ml unless marked
Please note : Shipping available within New Zealand only.
BASE Coat: The foundation upon which the entire painting system is based, a well-applied basecoat gives your model a smooth starting point for later stages. Basecoats use Citadel Base paints, with their high pigment content and excellent coverage. LAYER: Layering is the method by which painters use increasingly lighter colours to create highlights on the raised areas of models or add layers of lighter colour. Citadel Layer paints are formulated with a certain opacity so they can be applied over Base paints and each other with great results.
SHADE: Washing is a technique that brings out all of the subtle details and textures on your model using Citadel Shades. Formulated to flow into recesses, Citadel Shades provide natural, effective shading and define details on your miniatures. TECHNICAL: Citadel Technical paints are designed to help you achieve a range of effects, from creating rust and corrosion to the foetid slurry of Nurgle’s Rot or the bloody gore of Blood for the Blood God. The range also includes Agrellan Earth for creating dry, cracked ground.
DRY: Drybrushing is an excellent technique for capturing raised details and creating natural highlights on models, especially those with a lot of small details or sharp edges. Citadel Dry paints are designed to make this much-loved method of painting as straightforward as possible. Light Blue : Represents the Current top 22 colour range

Brand Cat Type Colour Description Status Reference Retail Cart
Citadel Acrylic Base Revell Averland Sunset  In 21-01 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Base Revell Mephiston Red Out 21-03 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Base Revell Macragge Blue In 21-08 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Base Revell Caliban Green In 21-12 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Base Revell Waaagh! Flesh In 21-13 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Base Revell Mournfang Brown In 21-20 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Base Revell Rhinox Hide Out 21-22 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Base Revell Abaddon Black In 21-25 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Base Revell Leadbelcher In 21-28 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Base Revell The Fang Out 21-32 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Base Revell CeramiteWhite In 21-34 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Base Revell Retributor Armour In 21-35 $10.00
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Ushabti Bone In 22-32 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Cadian Fleshtone In 22-36 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell White Scar In 22-57 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Runefang Steel In 22-60 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Liberator Gold In 22-71 $10.00
Citadel Acrylic Shade Revell Seraphim Sepia (24ml) In 24-09 $13.00
Citadel Acrylic Shade Revell Reikland Fleshshade (24ml) In 24-24 $13.00
Citadel Acrylic Shade Revell Nuln Oil In 24-12 $13.00
Citadel Acrylic Shade Revell Agrax Earthshade (24ml) In 24-12 $13.00
Citadel Acrylic Technical Revell Agrellan Earth  Out 27-08 $13.00
Citadel Acrylic Base Revell Khorne Red Out 21-04 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Base Revell Kantor Blue Out 21-07 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Base Revell Mechanicus Standard Grey In 21-24 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Dawnstone In 22-49 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Ironbreaker Out 22-59 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Gehenna's Gold Out 22-61 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Evil Sunz Scarlet In 22-05 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Moot Green In 22-24 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Technical Revell Imperial Primer Out 27-01 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Technical Revell 'Ardcoat In 27-03 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Dry Revell Lucius Lilac Out 23-03 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Dry Revell Underhive Ash In 23-08 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Dry Revell Changeling Pink In 23-15 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Warpstone Glow In 22-23 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Flash Gitz Yellow In 28-20 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Wazdakka Red In 22-07 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Xereus Purple In 22-09 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Skrag Brown In 22-40 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Yriel Yellow In 22-01 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Altdorf Guard Blue In 22-15 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Layer Revell Screaming Skull In 22-33 $7.50
Citadel Acrylic Technical Revell Blood for the Blood God - a wet look finish In 27-05 $8.00
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