Academy 1:144th scale Aircraft – USN E-2C Hawkeye VAW-113 “Black Eagles” – 12623


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The Academy Plastic Model Company has been producing kits since 1969. The company is famous for its endless research and development and the excellent model kits that result from the effort. Academy has been awarded Model of the Year at the Nurnberg International Toy Show nine times and the quality of their model kits meets or exceeds that of any other current manufacturer.

The Grumman E-2 Hawkeye is the successor to the E-1B (WWII modified TBF-3 Avanger) built by Grumman in the mid-1950s. In 1964, the US Navy delivered the first aircraft specifically built for AEW tasks. It was the E-2A. By the year 67, 59 aircraft of this type had been built. They were heavily used during the Vietnamese conflict. After its completion, modifications were made and the new designation E-2B was given. The most important of these was to equip it with a new high-speed programmable digital computer. The E-2C program began in 1968. It is the third generation of Hawkeye aircraft. The E-2C prototype made its first flight in 1971, and the first aircraft was delivered to the US Navy in 1973. By March 1994, 139 aircraft had been manufactured or converted from earlier versions

  • Kit features: accurately engraved panel lines and rivet details, Cartograf decals with three marking options. Markings: E-2C of VAW-113 ‘Black Eagles’, 164353/NK 600. USS Carl Vinson, 1993; E-2C of VAW-126 ‘Seahawks’, 162616/AC 600. USS Enterprise 1999; and E-2C of Airborn Early Warning Surveillance Group, JASDF, 2021
  • This finely detailed plastic model kit requires assembly and painting.

*Requires Paint and Glue sold separately.