Airfix 1:72nd scale Aircraft – Avro Shackleton AEW2 – 11005


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Ideal for 14+ years, novice and experienced builders. Kit features…..

245 parts, engraved panel lines,
well appointed flight deck and cabin (including bulkheads, radios, navigational equipment, crew seats and (2) seated pilots),

optional boarding door (open/closed), boarding ladder,

single piece propellers with separate spinners and assemblies,

detailed engine nacelles,

separate (trailing edge flaps, ailerons, elevators and rudders),

detailed bomb bay with optional doors,

detailed wheel wells and optional undercarriage.

Decals and 4-view color painting reference for (2) aircraft: for No.8 Squadron, Royal Air Force Lossiemouth, Moray, North East Scotland, 1979 and 1980 – includes stencil data and instrument panel. Plastic model kit of the Avro Shackleton, with the ability to mount patrols for up to twelve hours, the Rolls-Royce Griffon powered Avro Shackleton AEW.2 provided Britains airborne early warning protection for almost 19 years.