Carrera Go 1:43rd scale Slot Car – 1967 Ford Mustang – Racing Blue – 400176


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Carrera 400176 GO!!! ’67 Ford Mustang – Racing Blue

Sports car with cult status
The Ford Mustang makes the eyes of all classic car fans light up. The car has been built by the American manufacturer Ford since 1964 and has achieved a true cult status today. The first models were based on the technology of the Ford Falcon and were available with numerous different engine options. The predecessor of the pony car class became famous through its use in many well-known films and has developed into a true legend. The Blue paint finish for this sports car underlines its striking design and attracts attention as if by magic. A real classic!

A film-worthy performance on the Carrera race track
TheĀ  blue cult car now also comes to your home and brings new momentum to your race track. Steer the slot car on a scale of 1:43 around the track and ignite that racing fever in you! Thanks to an original Ford license, the car has been faithfully reproduced in detail and has the striking Blue paint finish with white racing stripes. Will you leave your competition green with envy at the finish?

  • Cult car Ford Mustang ’67 as a slot car
  • Carrera GO!!!
  • Sports car with a Blue paint finish
  • Scale 1:43
  • From 6 years
  • 115mm long