Carrera Go 1:43rd scale Slot Car – Track extension set 3 – 400117


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Every committed Carrera fan cherishes and maintains his lovingly built and constantly growing racetrack. To make it even better, bigger and more exciting, you can expand your Carrera 1:43rd scale racetrack with new features and additional track sections. With this extension set on a scale of 1:43rd scale you get eight straights with a length of 342 mm, four 1/45 degree curves and four 1/45 degree banked curves. The 45 degree steep curves have supports to give the steep curve the necessary support. Use this set to redesign your racetrack and add new parts. Above all, the steep curve above the ground will give you and your vehicle a new driving feeling that keeps the fun factor high
Contents: 8 straights 342 mm, 4 curves 1/45 degrees, 4 steep curves 1/45 degrees including supports