Academy 1:35th scale Military – Republic of Korea K2 Black Panther – #13511


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The K2 Black Panther is a Korean designed and produced main battle tank for the Republic of Korea armed forces. A long time in development, and hampered by engine and transmission production issues, the K2 entered service in 2014. Due to problems with the power plant, initial vehicles are powered by German built MTU-890 units until indigenous production could catch up. The vehicle is armed with a Rheinmetall 120 mm/L55 cannon which gives a higher muzzle velocity and armour penetration capability compared to the 120 mm cannon on the predecessor K1A1 tank. The vehicle has been exported to Turkey and is under consideration by Peru as their next main battle tank.

Kit length is advertised as 308 mm and height is 97 mm.

The box contains2 instruction manuals, full colour marking callout, 6 main sprues, individually moulded upper hull and upper and lower turret halves, a small PE fret, string for the tow cables, a simple decal sheet, polarized stickers for periscopes and 11 sprues for the individual link tracks.