Moebius Submarine kitset 1:72nd scale – USS Skipjack SSN 585 – #1400


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Combining a nuclear reactor with a submarine transformed undersea warfare with the first such vessel being the USS Nautilus SSN 571. First developed in the 1950s, these submarines could run underwater indefinitely without having to surface or snorkel to recharge its batteries like the diesel submarines still in service at the time. The Nautilus was essentially a prototype followed by USS Seawolf SSN 575 and the four boats of the Skate class. These were followed by the six boats of the Skipjack class which featured a low-drag teardrop hull and the S5W nuclear reactor. The design was so successful that the George Washington-class ballistic missile boats were based on the Skipjack design. Five of the six members of the Skipjack class would remain in service for nearly 30 years with the exception of USS Scorpion which was lost in 1968.

This kit has decals to render any of the six members of the Skipjack class including:

  • USS Skipjack SSN 585
  • USS Scamp SSN 588
  • USS Scorpion SSN 589
  • USS Sculpin SSN 590
  • USS Shark SSN 591
  • USS Snook SSN 592