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Tram car: equipped with an overhead pantograph for stepping it up to “drive” mode and a knob for opening and closing doors. Wind it up and watch it chug along the rails towards the Depot. Rotate it at a 180 degrees on the turntable and see it move to the end of the line. All the motion is  powered up by  a simple rubber-band motor.

Tram stop: placed on the platform and complete with a clock, a bench, a ticket booth and a removable staircase that can be placed at any part of the platform.Tram depot: featuring a gate and a  turntable, Tram Depot is the place where the tram prepares for the next trip according to the route timetable. A turntable is equipped with a special “tongue” on its rails that stops the tram in a closed position, reclining after the turn of the turntable, allowing the tram to enter the return route.

  • Footbridge is made in the form of arches and set across the tracks. It can also be located at a crossroads, and cars can pass through arches.
  • Straight tracks with junctions
  • Radius tracks with junctions
  • Street Lamps
  • A Gentleman: VIP of the Mechanical Town. A manufacturer,  millionaire, philanthropist, media darling and hero of gossip….or a person from your own story
  • A Young inventor who reads a newspaper sitting on a bench…or a spy, an agent. Your option, in your own story
  • A beautiful Stranger with a little dog or a pretty woman in  your own story
  • An ice-cream seller hiding from the heat under an umbrella or another pretty girl in your own storyJ
  • A policeman (sheriff) on the horse….or a handsome cowboy in your own story
  • Factory Worker
  • News-Boy

Dimensions: 15 × 8 × 2 in

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