Woodland Scenics – Water Undercoat – Moss Green – #CW4533


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1. Stir well before each use.
2. Water Undercoat colors can be blended together on the base of a water feature to create depth, variety and interest. Blend the
colors with a soft brush. Apply darker shades for deep areas and lighter shades for shallow areas. Use Water Undercoat to seal
Plaster Cloth (C1191-C1193, C1203), Shaper Sheet Plaster (C1180), Lightweight Hydrocal Plaster (C1201), Super Strength
Plaster (C1199) or Carving Plaster (C1198).
3. If desired, add Talus (C1270–C1285), Deadfall (S30) and even Ballast (B70–B90, B94, B1372–B1390, B1393–B1395) to the
base to give texture, interest and realism to the water feature.
4. If desired, glue scenery materials down with Scenic Glue™ (S190), Water Effects® (C1212) or a non-vinyl glue. Seal with Scenic
Cement™ (S191).
5. Allow to fully dry before pouring water product.
TIP! White Water Highlight (CW4529) can be used with Water Undercoat to lighten the color of the base.