Zap – Z-Poxy Quick Shot – PT36


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ZAP PT36 Z-Poxy 5 Minute Epoxy Quick-Shot Dual Syringe 1oz

5 Minute Z-POXY is a premium two part epoxy adhesive that dries clear. Vibration resistant and fuel proof, this epoxy is perfect for all types of hobbies and crafts. Excellent for furniture. It does not get brittle with age and its easy to mix, just combine equal parts by volume. Durable and sand-able.

Syringe applicator


  • 5 minute cure
  • Clear formula​
  • Tough permanent bond​
  • Shock and vibration resistant ​
  • Excellent gap filler

Works best on:

  • Aluminium
  • Ceramic​
  • China​
  • Crafts​
  • Fabric​
  • Fiberglass​
  • Furniture​
  • Glass​
  • Metal​
  • Most Plastics​
  • Pottery​
  • Rubber​
  • Tile​