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UGears #120198 Tram On Rails

UGears: Tram On Rails – Mechanical Model Set

The Tram (also know as a Tramcar or Streetcar) is one of the oldest types of urban transportation – and now you can discover how it was built by making your very own model! Inspired by the very first streetcars and funiculars, the UGEARS Tram notions to San Francisco’s oldest cable car which was put on the rails in 1873 (and is still running today!). A more romantic model that could carry a love message to someone sitting opposite you, it also comes jam-packed with retro flair. As in other UGEARS models, the Tram is propelled by a rubber-band engine along a flat surface (tram mode).

It can also be driven downhill by the pull of gravity in funicular mode, assuming one end of the rails is tilted higher than the other. Our Tram also comes equipped with a multitude of functioning levers. One on each end of the rails, can elevate them to make it appear as though the Tram is running over a bridge. Another engages the Tram’s pantograph function that pushes out the rubber-band’s wind-up wheel. There is also of course a start lever, a direction shifter, and a brake, as well as an emergency exit on the roof. There’s also a little storage space for you to put a small delivery for the person waiting at the other end of the tracks.


  • Educational: Perfect for family projects through hands-on STEM learning
  • No Glue Connection: Assembling without glue and chemicals
  • Self Assembly: Details are already cut and ready to assemble
  • Mechanical: The models produce motion
  • Natural: Made from wood materials


  • Model size: 30.2″ x 2.9″ x 6.3″ (77 × 7 × 16cm)
  • Package Size: 14.6″ x 6.7″ x 1.2″ (37 × 17 × 3cm)
  • Component Count:154 Pieces
  • Assembly Time: 4–5 hours
  • Age Range: 14+
  • Level: Medium